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    Brick Making Machine

    Brick making machines are essential requirement for building and construction industry. No construction is possible without bricks. Since many centuries brick making has been practiced by human beings. Initially bricks were produced manually using mud and clay. With time, the process of manufacturing changed and today with modern techniques, there are an wide array of brick making machines.

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    Types of Brick making Machines

    Concrete Block Machines

    Concrete Block Machines
    Concrete blocks are generally made by machines having different molds. The tabletop vibrator in machine provides optimum vibration in the mix so that the ratio of cement used can be reduced substantially without affecting the strength of the blocks.

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    Clay Brick Machines

    Clay Brick Machines
    In clay brick making machines, clay and water is mixed in one chamber. In second or extrusion chamber clay is given shape with the help of the die. The size of the bricks vary according to demand. The die is also used for making hollow bricks, perforated bricks and designer bricks. The clay is cut by the cutting machines and taken to the drying sheds for initial drying.

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    Fly Ash Brick Making Machines

    Fly Ash Brick Making Machines
    This is one of the most efficient machines for manufacturing bricks. These machines are fully automatic, having many advantages including removal of bricks. These machines due to their impeccable features which include anti corrosion and incomparable performance are in great demand globally.

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    Brick Making Machines Manufacturers, Suppliers

    Automatic Brick Machine
    Automatic Brick Machine
    We have a vast database of brick making machines manufacturers and suppliers. Send Online Enquiry for all types of Brick Making Machines including Automatic Brick Making Machines, Concrete Block Making Machines, Clay Brick Machines etc. and get competitive quotes from reliable brick making machine manufacturers and suppliers.
    Brick making machine is available in different configurations. Different types of automatic brick making machines use different techniques to make bricks. These brick making machines are important building construction machines.

    Raw Materials Used for Making Bricks

    The raw materials used by the machines for making bricks are fly ash, sand lime, iron oxide, lime sludge, quarry wastes etc.

    Features of Brick Making Machines

    Some of the salient features of the brick making machines are as follows:

    Automatic Brick Making Machines Pictures

    Brick Making  Machine
    Brick Making Machine

    Tips for Selection of Automatic Brick Making Machines

    Check the following factors while choosing automatic brick making machines:
    • Capacity (No. of Bricks/Hour)
    • Power(Motor)
    • Load
    • Brick Size
    • Max Size
    • System (Hydraulic or Automatic)
    • Mix Feed (Conveyor or Manual)
    • Brick Removal (Automatic or Manual )
    • Weight
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