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    Loaders are one of the most commonly used heavy machinery in the construction industry. The main purpose of using a loader is to upload sand, debris, dirt and mud into other vehicles, thereby clearing rubble and digging materials in the construction sites.

    Building Construction Machinery

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    Besides being used in the construction industry, loaders are also used in the farming, mining, civil engineering, urban engineering projects, small earthmoving works and logging industry. Loader is a very important heavy construction machinery.

    Basic Features of Loader Machines

    Loader, is a machine usually wheeled, that uses a wide tilting bucket on the end of movable arms to lift and move materials. Often the bucket can be replaced with other devices depending on the nature of the work. This is the basic feature of a loader. The loader assembly can be removed or permanently mounted. Usually, the bucket is replaced by other attachments. For instance, the bucket can be replaced with mount forks to lift heavy pallets or shipping containers. Further, the bucket can be attached with other tools like a bale grappler for for handling large bales of straw or hay. The wheeled loader are more popular though track loaders are also widely in use. They are mainly used to load sharp edged materials, debris in construction sites where there is the chance of rubber tyres being destroyed or used in the areas where the ground is soft and muddy. Wheels provide better mobility and speed.

    Types of Loader Equipment

    Loader Equipment
    Depending on the sizes and the nature of work to be performed, loaders can be classified in to various types which are given below. The capacity of a bucket in a loader can be anywhere from 0.5 to 36 m. This of course depends upon the size of the machine and its application.

    Loaders Machine Manufacturers, Suppliers

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    Pictures of Loader Construction Equipment

    Wheel Loader Loaders

    Uses of Loader Equipment

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